A Sample Dinner Menu


Shiitake Mushroom Soup   11
foccacia, ricotta, goat cheese, arugula pesto, hazelnut

Grapefruit Salad   12
green goddess, kale, friseé, spiced granola, ricotta salada

Beef Meatballs   11
rosemary bread crumb, creamy parmesan, grilled bread

Caesar Salad   12
asiago, crouton

Grilled Octopus   16
gigante beans, sofrito, house made chorizo, saffron aioli



Rigatoni  25
house made pork & fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, spicy tomato

Vegatble Ramen  24
soy glazed shiitake, asian vegetable, sesame, miso broth, poached egg

Lasagna   25
beef bolognese, maple brook ricotta & mozzarella, tomato, basil

Halibut  34
potato puree, spaghetti squash, green beans, caper white wine emulsion

Roast Chicken   27
potato, mushroom, kale, gravy

Creekstone Farm New York Strip    36
potato, brussels, carrot custard, red wine steak sauce

Pork Chop Schnitzle    29
spaetzle, house saurkraut, pickled mustard seed, pork reduction

Seven Course Chef’s Tasting Menu available by request

We are always happy to accommodate families with children however we do not offer a children’s menu. Please let your server know upon seating if you will require split payment or separate checks, both of which we are able to provide up to three checks per table.