A Sample Dinner Menu

Table Snacks

Buttermilk Fried Turkey Wings   9
watermelon, pickled rind, brown butter & mountain view farm honey

Shrimp Rueben   15
house-made kraut, thousand island, pastrami spiced smoked shrimp, rye

Lobster Summer Roll   15
carrot, cucumber, cilantro, soy, jalepeno, citrus



Curried Chicken Meatballs   11
golden raisin, flat bread, cilantro, yoghurt 

Baby Arugula Salad   11
black mission fig, hazelnut, parmesan, lemon mascapone    

Smoked Salmon Salad   12
bib lettuce, crouton, egg, dill, creamy lemon dressing 



Cavatelli   23
turkey sausage, peas, pancetta, parmesan, poached egg

Pea Ravioli  24
fava beans, carrot, parmesan, black pepper, fried egg

Spaghetti & Meatballs   22
red sauce, basil, garlic bread


Buccatini   25
clams, house salt pork, white wine, garlic, tomato, parsley 



Halibut  34
roasted poato, tomato, cauliflower, fennel, caper white wine emulsion 

Roast Chicken   26
couscous, asparagus, preserved lemon, pearl onions, chimichurri 

Creekstone Farm New York Strip    31
potato puree, ramp butter, shiitake mushrooms, veal jus 

House Made Pork Sausage    25
potato puree, spring vegetables, apple, pickled fennel, pork jus  

Seven Course Chef’s Tasting Menu available by request


We are always happy to accommodate families with children however we do not offer a children’s menu. Please let your server know upon seating if you will require split payment or separate checks, both of which we are able to provide up to three checks per table.